Speak with confidence
in 30 days.


Does the fear of making mistakes blocks you in speaking foreign languages?

Do you want to start learning languages
in the most effective way?


If YES, join us now for the Speak with confidence in 30 days training, which is a 4 week online course to help you learn how to activate your genius in learning foreign languages.


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 Who is this training for?

If the whole ‘language learning thing’ seems overwhelming to you.
If You doubt. You get lost. You give up.
If you’ve been waiting for too long.


And if you feel like it’s time to:

Start communicating really fast.
Get over speaking anxiety.
Stay consistent until the joy of fluency.



Then you are exactly in the right place!

Language Master Training 2

The Masterclass will be given by a language coach 
Michał Grześkowiak

A lawyer who gave up legal career to live with shining eyes. A certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. TEDx Speaker, Speaker at Polyglot Conference, Polyglot Gathering and Polyglot Workshops. Passionate about human communication, creation and evolution. Creator and educator in the field of public speaking, multilingualism and creativity. Musician, minimalist and a coffee lover.

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Important: Number of places is limited to 50 participants.



Speak with confidence in 30 days it is a proven method to learn any language and unlock your language genius. 

This training is a gateway to experience more freedom and joy in learning languages. It covers three most essential aspects of becoming multilingual- confidence, fluency and consistency. The training is designed as a simple, digestible, step-by-step guide leading to a relaxed, fun and efficient language aquisition.Created from the perspective of a polyglot who started as a blocked, shy and frustrated school kid but somehow made it to live a fascinating, multilingual life.


A 30-day training structure

    How to make learning natural again, question the idea of ‘difficult’, get over speaking anxiety and transcend useless shame, start seeing every language not as foreign but as familiar
    How to build a strong foundation of the most common situations as a certainty platform leading to confident improvisation
    How to balance a level of the skill with a level of a challenge to enter the state of flow which is the most effective and pleasant
    How to overcome resistance to speaking and perfectionism, using real interest, mirroring, acting and many more simple strategies.
Language Master Training 2

After completing this training:

  1. You will create supporting, natural, healthy mindset
  2. You will know how to start communicating super fast
  3. You will let go of unnecessary pressure and struggle
  4. You will know how to feel comfortable to speak freely
  5. You will understand the mechanics of communication
  6. You will discover the way of creating supportive habits
  7. You will learn to enter optimimum learning states
  8. You will embrace, befriend and transform fear into flow

    … and many more!

Language Master Training 2

What people say about this course?

  • Boom and I started to speak English.
    This training had a huge impact on me. The change of approach was crucial! There is not a day where I would not have contact with the language, whether it be reading, listening or talking to a foreigner. I have a clear goal, it makes me extra motivated 🙂 Also I started learning Spanish. I am delighted how these masterclass translates into visible results.I recommend this training for everyone!

    Monika Młynarczyk

  • A lot of practical tools.
    A completely different view on the learning process. The training fully met my expectations. I recommend if you want to break away from the typical methods.

    Marianna Krych

  • I assumed that I had no language talent and that I would not be able to help it, so it makes no sense to learn a foreign language.

    After graduating from school, I assumed that I had no language talent and that I would not be able to help it, so it makes no sense to learn a foreign language. However, after intensive coaching with Michał something shifted and now every day I understand more but most of all I enjoy it again.

    Marcin Marlęga (Great Britain)

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Speak Fluently and with Confidence in 30 days

  • The 3 core Speak with confidence in 30 days training modules that will show you how to learn a language and speak with confidence.
  • In each module, you get an in-depth training videos.
  • Worksheets and guides to help you implement the material right away.
  •  Bonus WEEK!


97.00 euro

one payment – lifetime access

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Language Master Training 2
Language Master Training 2

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The doors are closed now as we are in the middle of the training cycle.
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The guarantee
Yes. We’ve always backed our program with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works.
After 1 module you can send us an email with your finished homework of module one. We ask for it as we know that if you engage and do this, it will truly help you and this is the most important for us.

Recent questions answered:

What if I don’t have a talent for learning a language?
This course will help you activate your language genius by learning the necessary skillset and mindset. The socalled ‘talent’ for languages is in fact a combination of many subskills. The most successful language learners don’t claim to have a ‘talent’. What you will hear them saying is ‘I’m just passionate about languages’.

Why I should invest in the program to learn how to learn a language, maybe I should just learn it myself?
If you could you would already did it…most of our students, can’t believe that they did not took it earlier! It would save them a lot of money and time! that they spend on lessons that did not bring them results…

Is this system will work for me?
The truth is, We can’t promise that this program will work for you or get you the level of results you desire, because we have no control over what happens next after you join it.
Our students  have taken control over their lives and decided to get results.

Why it worked for them?
They showed up, did the work and made it happen.
I know that you can do that too.

I’m really busy.  How much time will I have to invest to get results?
If you want to join us, do it now. Think about it. There’s never a time in your life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You will always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.”

The more time you invest in Speak with confidence in 30 days the better, because when it comes to results, practice is really the key to success. It’s easy to get discouraged early on when you’re pouring your heart and soul into your learning, yet you still feel like you’re spending more time making mistakes than getting things right.

Here’s the thing:
Mastering what you’re about to learn in Speak with confidence in 30 days course has the potential to completely transform the trajectory of your life.

What if I have to miss a class?
No worries. You get Lifetime Access to the material. So you can take the course (or re-take it) at your own pace.

Does this really work?